Attractio achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Box Rider

Move at high speed above a box.

New Toys

Complete tutorials

Box Worst Enemy

Destroy a box with the door and acid

Careful With The Camera

Shoot the flying camera.

Not A Test Chamber

Die 50 times.

Gravity Shifter

Change your gravity 200 times

Mortal Curiosity

Kill the other contestant in the orange levels.

Broken Legs

Die 50 times by falling.


Complete co-op levels

Martian After All

Complete all Attractio levels.

Bridge Veteran

Complete Bridge level without using any checkpoint.

E-note Hunter

Find all e-notes.

Gravity Guardian Master

Complete reactor level without dying once

Attractio Addict

Play 15 hours.

Attractio Champion

Complete Attractio

Enthusiastic Runner

Complete all challenge levels in at least bronze ranking

Almost Fast Enough

Complete all challenge levels in at least silver ranking

Gravity Bolt

Complete all challenge levels with a gold ranking.