The Escapists achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Grey Matters

Achieved stats over 80 for intellect.

Punch Drunk

Knocked out 50 inmates.

I Present To You

Gave away 50 items.

Disrespect My Authority

Knocked out 50 guards.

Let's Get Physical

Get your Strength and Speed stat to 100

Favour Fave

Completed 100 favours.

Master Craftsman

Crafted all the items available in the game.

Strip Searched

Strip 50 outfits from floored opponents

Day One

Escape a prison on the first day

Butter Fingers

The Monopoly Guy

Have $1000 or over on hand

Thug Life

Recruit 5+ buddies

Getting Your Hands Dirty

Clean up the Reindeer's mess.

Clean Getaway

Escape a prison with 0% average heat

Digging It!

Cleared a total of 50 tiles using the Shovel.

Santa's Lap

Listen to a kids Christmas Wishlist.

Way of the Dragon

Initiate a prison takeover using nunchuks

The Great Escapist!

Successfully escaped from all six prisons

Tinsel Town

Successfully dress the Christmas Tree with Tinsel.

Getting Noticed

Read the instructions to successfully activate the rocket.

The Voice of Reason

Finger of Blame


Hit quota at least once across all job roles.

Cage's Buddy

Gift the Sovereign Ring to Cage.

Wrapped Up

Successfully wrap the Christmas Tree in Fairy Lights.

Northern Lights

Successfully escape the level.

My Gifts To You

Successfully place Presents under the Christmas Tree.

The Wet Bandit

Flooded 50 toilets.

Tanked Up

Complete the construction of the Tank.

Ladies' Man

Gift the After Shave to Andy.

The Mad Man

Gift the Trash Bag to Sean.

Soldiers Of Fortune

The Escape Team have escaped.

Never Be Alone Again

Attended 100 prison visits.

The Key to Success

Successfully activate the Keycard control Panel.

Loved Up

All members of the Escape Team love you upon escaping.

Spy Hard

Successfully escape the level.

On Top of the World

Try out the evil villain’s seat.