LogicBots achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Ain't Got Time for This

Use fast forward to speed up a simulation


Create a snap line for any part

Who Needs Logic

Complete a level using no gates

Failure is Always an Option

Fail the same level five times

If at First I Don't Succeed

Reset your LogicBot 100 times

Just in Time

Complete a level within two seconds of the time goal

Circuit Burnout

Create a burnout in a circuit by making an infinite loop

Precision Engineering

Create a new anchor point on any part

Keep On Rolling

Have your LogicBots travel one kilometer

Finished School

Complete College Area

Searching for Inspiration

Complete a level using a Steam Workshop LogicBot

There Can Only Be One

Complete a line following level using only one sensor

A Little Bit of My Genius

Upload a LogicBot to Steam Workshop

Industry Startup

Complete Industrial Estate Area

Top of Class

Get all awards in College Area

Freelance Consultant

Complete Contractors Area


Complete Military Area

Industry Leader

Get all awards in Industrial Estate Area

Electrical Wizard

Get all challenge awards

Time Lord

Get all time awards

Field Engineer

Get all awards in Military Area

Floor Manager

Complete Warehouse Area

Freelance Guru

Get all awards in Contractors Area

Logistics Expert

Get all awards in Warehouse Area

LogicBot Mastermind

Complete all levels

LogicBot Grandmaster

Complete all awards

Frugal Engineer

Get all cost awards