Skyborn achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Patience is a virtue

Celebrate achievements being added to the game! Thanks for waiting!

Dab hand with those guns!

Successfully defeat the sky patrol.

Epic loots from jail

Find the Sapphire Bracers in the big chest in Granminster Prison.

Epic loots from the mines again

Find the Circuit Breaker in the big chest in the Coal Mines.

Epic loots from the mines

Find the Stylish Hat in the big chest in the Coal Mines.

Laid out the Lamia

Defeat the Lamia.

Dozed the Dozer

Defeat the Sand Dozer.

Unlocked Potential

Unlocked the first class change.

Finalized Fafnir

Defeat Fafnir.

New Limits

Unlocked the second class change.

Totaled the Titan

Defeat the Titan.

The Diminutive Chemist

Complete the Experimental Potion for Atlas.

Laryn's predicament solved!

Return Laryn's wedding band.

Outshone Shynn

Defeat Shynn.

Defeated Dhacian

Defeat Dhacian! Big surprise huh?

Quelled Qua'Lon

Defeat Qua'Lon.

Epic loots in the Nexus

Find St. Theresa's Battle Armor in the big chest in the Celestial Nexus.

Arena Champion

Complete the arena.

Taking it to the max!

Unlock the final class change.

Celestial Champion

Collect all Spades cards, and clear the Venom Depths.

Silenced Saehral

Defeat Saehral.

Wrath of the Centurion

Defeat Dhacian on Hard difficulty.

Trial of arms mastery

Finish Alda's Trial of Arms in record time!


Defeat Qua'Lon on Hard difficulty.