Dungeon of Gain achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Kill 10 enemies

Experienced traveler

Get the 5th level

Death of necromancer

Kill the necromancer

Deeper and deeper

Close the door!

Open 100 doors


Find 10 items in the chests

Beginner traveler

Get the 3rd level


Kill the 10 spiders

That's all?!

Kill first enemy


Kill 100 enemies

An avid shopper

Buy 10 items

An avid shopper

Buy 10 items

An avid shopper

Buy 10 items

I will do it!

Finish quest

I will do it!

Finish quest

Thirst of life

Overcoming yourself

Get 20th level

Shooting is a better

Start game as archer

Need more loot!

Find 5 items in the chests


Sell 10 items


Sell 10 items

Let there be light!

Light the torch


Find 100 items in the chests

I will do it!

Finish quest


Find first item in the chests


Kill 5 enemies

Fountain of force

Lighting in the dungeon

Go back to the grave

Kill the 10 skeletons


Sell 10 items

High magician!

Gain the 10th level, playing as a mage

Master traveler

Get 10th level

I am a warrior

Start playing as warrior

Oh, those goblins...

Kill the 10 goblins

I am most strong!

Gain the 10th level, playing for the warrior

Plunging into the depths

I feel the magic

Start playing as mage

Shooting without a miss!

Gain the 10th level, playing for archer

I grow!

First levelup

The new thing!

Buy first item

I'm not afraid of darkness

Kill the 10 shadows

What's down there?

It not come in handy!

Sell first item