RUSH achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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In the Right Direction

Complete all tutorial levels

That's Different

Solve a level different from how the hint system suggests

Easy Going

Complete all easy levels


Average Joe

Complete all medium levels

Traffic Control

Complete a level with signs to spare

Convey Away

Create an endless loop in a level using a conveyor

Number One Savior

Lead 1111 cubes to their exits

Solar Flare

Complete the Solar Flare level

Back And Forth

Create an endless loop in a level using two directional signs

No Need to Rush

Create an endless loop in an Easy level

Loop de Loop

Create an endless loop in a Medium level

Eternally Hard

Create an endless loop in a Hard level

It's a Hard Block Life

Complete all hard levels

Endless Telewarping

Create an endless loop in a level using a telewarp

Pile Up

Make 6 collisions at the same time


Find a hidden level

Actual Solution

Complete all actual challenge levels


Find all hidden levels

Hidden Chicken

Find the hidden Toki Tori statue

No Hiding Cubism

Complete all hidden levels

All Aboard!

Create a conveyor belt of 10 signs

All Signed Up

Santa's Little Helper

Deliver all presents in the eight levels when they are touched by frost in December

Actual Best