SpeedRunners achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Shoot yourself with your own rocket.

King of Swing

Don't touch the floor for 5 seconds.

Mind Your Head!

Drop a Crate on an opponent's head 10 times.

Two Birds, One Stone

Use a bomb on two opponents at the same time.

See Ya!

Overtake 1000 opponents.

Ready for Ranked

Unlock Ranked matches.

Vengeance, and running!

Grapple someone who just grappled you.

From Way Downtown

Grapple someone from far away.

Get Lucky

A Race against Time

Beat the first Chapter in Story.


Grapple 100 opponents using the golden hook.


Hit three opponents with one fireball.

Officer requesting Backup

Beat the second Chapter in Story.

Triple Freeze!

Freeze three opponents with one ray.

The most dangerous Game

Beat the third Chapter in Story


Deflect a fireball with a shockwave.

Welcome to New Rush City

Beat the final Chapter in Story

Dive, Kick

Tackle 10 opponents mid-air.

Sultan of Swing

Don't touch the floor for 15 seconds.

Smooth Moves!

Dodge the Golden Hook 10 times.

Super Speed

Maintain superspeed for a full second.

Ranking Up!

Promote to the Beginner League.

Ultimate Swing Lord

Don't touch the floor for 30 seconds.

Hook Block

Block 10 golden hooks with crates.

Super Crate Blox

Block 10 Rockets with Crates.

The King of New Rush City

Beat all Chapters on Unfair difficulty.

ez git gud

Getting Serious!

Promote to the Bronze League.


Reach max XP.