Invisible, Inc. achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Attention to Detail

Steal from every safe in a level.

Contact Re-established

Survive for 24 Hours.

Ghost Moves

Beat a level without ever being spotted by a guard or camera on Beginner or Expert difficulty.

Nearing Confidence Threshold

Survive for 48 Hours.

Target Resolved

Survive for 72 Hours.

Training Wheels

Beat the game on Beginner difficulty.

Meat Machine

Install 4 augments on an agent.

Fully Equipped

Unlock every agent, agent alternate, and starting mainframe program.

Ant Society

Beat the game on Experienced difficulty.

The Limit

Beat a level after reaching Alarm level 6 in the level on Expert difficulty.

Invisible Inc.

Beat the game on Expert difficulty.

Powerful Toast

Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Experienced difficulty

Rebuilding the Firm

Survive 5 days in Endless mode.

Daemon Code

Beat the game with Faust and Brimstone.

Technical Macguffin

Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Expert difficulty

Never Look Back

Beat the game with rewinds set to 0 on Expert difficulty.

Corporate Ladder

Survive 10 days in Endless mode.

Acceptable Host

Beat the game on Expert Plus difficulty.


Time Attack

Beat the game in Time Attack mode.

Smooth Operator

Survive 5 days in Endless Plus mode.

"surprised" Face

Beat the Contingency Plan extended Campaign on Expert Plus difficulty

Empire builder

Survive 20 days in Endless mode with the Contingency Plan DLC