Clandestine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Complete Mexico City


Complete Copenhagen

Occupy Wall Street

Complete London

Fly On The Wall

Tag 50 enemies


Complete any mission without getting spotted

La Femme Nikita

Complete Warsaw


Spend a combined one hour viewing surveillance camera feeds

Setec Astronomy

Complete California

Acid Burn

Crack 100 nodes


Gone Home

Recover your assets in Cyprus

Alpha Team

Complete every storyline mission in co-op

One True Keeper

Collect all intel in any mission

Ladies First

Disable 20 lasers for the spy

Clean Slate

Clear your name

Zero Footprint

Complete any storyline mission with no footprint


Successfully force 10 locks


Take out 50 enemies with melee takedowns

Safety First

Shoot an enemy with a chambered round that's different than your loaded magazine

Full Circle

Go rogue

The Cleaner

Kill at least 50 enemies with headshots

We'll Do It Live

Complete any mission without ever carrying a gun

Executive Outcomes

Kill at least 100 enemies throughout the game

Garbage Collector

Remove 15 bodies

Watch Dog

Neutralise 20 enemies with transformers or steam pipes

Jason Bourne

Complete every storyline mission on medium difficulty or above

Safe House

Capture the target in Paris

Dodge This

Evade the admins 100 times when they're actively tracing you

Bravo Protocol

Collect 30 local asset dossiers in the game

Lord Protector

Knock out 25 enemies with ring airfoil rounds


Complete all social engineering sequences

Omega Sector

Complete any storyline mission with at least 4000 footprint


Stun 5 enemies at the same time with the Banshee


Complete every mission without ever getting caught by the admins


Complete every storyline mission without killing anyone

Perfect Dark

Cancel 10 alarms


Complete all challenge missions in any mode

Ethan Hunt

Complete every storyline mission on high difficulty or above


Complete every storyline mission without getting spotted

First Echelon

Use five different gadgets in one mission


Complete every storyline mission on highest difficulty or above

I Need Guns...

Spawn 20 dead drops for the spy


Complete every storyline mission without ever carrying a gun


Use DDOSFlood 20 times


Complete every storyline mission with zero footprint

The Plague

Install 50 viruses


Have 5 VPN tunnels going at once

Operation Dinner Out

Bribe 10 enemies

The Fox

Unlock every item in the game


Complete every storyline mission within the allotted time limit