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No missable achievements (plus 56 unknown)

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A Pair of Socks

Find two missing wooly socks

A Misplaced Hoof

Complete Underground level 1

Sweet Hoof

Find a hidden cake to unlock a special bonus mode

Trot Sheep Trot

Complete any level with a three star rating

Magnetic Miner

Complete Underground level 5

Baaa'sic training

Complete Graze School training

A Levels

Complete Further Ed-ewe-cation training

Ewe-niversity Graduate

Complete Ewe-niversity training

Need More Levels

Unlock a bonus level by finding a hidden joypad

A Sock For Every Hoof

Unlock the London episode by finding 12 socks

On the Road Again

Complete London level 1

Cosy Hooves

Unlock the Space episode by finding 24 cosy socks

Rooftop Maestro

Complete London level 5

Run Sheep Run

Complete five levels with three star ratings

Pump it up

Complete Underground level 10

Motorway Menace

Smash 5 speed cameras in a row in London level 3

Phone Home

Complete Space level 1

Sheeptacular Drop

Complete Space level 5

Down Under

Complete Underground level 15

Too Many Socks

Find fifty socks, enough for any sheep


Complete any one bonus level

Time to Leave

Complete London level 10

Field Genius

Complete Space level 10

Parking: Fine

Complete London level 15

Who Needs This Many Socks?

Find seventy five socks, a lifetime's supply

2011: A Sheep Oddessy

Complete Space level 15

Game Com-bleat

Complete all episodes

Extra Credit

Find a giant cake to unlock developer commentary

Be Nice To The Neighbours

Complete London level 5 with all chimneys intact


Complete any five bonus levels

Teen Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Surf the camper van home in London level 15

Explosive Miser

Complete Underground level 6 with TNT to spare

Sock Quest Complete

Find every wooly sock in the game

Bolt Sheep Bolt

Beat the developers' time on any one level

Three Points

Get a photo of every sheep in London level 3

Responsible Stowaways

Complete London level 1 with the luggage on board

All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

Find every hidden cake to unlock all bonus modes

Can't Get Enough Levels

Find every joypad to unlock all bonus levels

Circus Act

Get all three sheep flying together using the chimney

Gallop Sheep Gallop

Complete thirty levels with three star ratings

Teleportation Minimisation

Solve Space level 4 with only two teleport swaps

Hooves Can't Play Football

Don't touch the football in Space level 6


Complete any ten bonus levels

Scared of Loud Noises

Complete Underground level 4 without using any TNT

Obsessive Collection Disorder

Collect everything possible from every level!

Where's My Parachute

Use just 2 'chutes to survive the mineshaft fall

Roast Lamb

Toast Shaun on a rocket in the last space level


Complete all bonus levels

Don't Disturb the Locals

Cross Big Ben's clockface without moving the hands

Sheepswap Minimalism

Change sheep selection just once in Space level 14

Sprint Sheep Sprint

Complete all story levels with three star ratings

Time for a break

Achieve every other achievement

Put on your thinking Gap

Complete Farm level 1

Box Clever

Complete Farm level 5

Tyre Straits

Complete Farm level 10

Jump it Up

Complete Farm level 15