ARAYA achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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First thing first

Collect at least 1 item

Welcome to hospital

End prelude

Admitted to hospital

Complete Chapter 1

End of chapter 2

Complete Chapter 2

End of chapter 3

Complete Chapter 3

End of chapter 4

Complete Chapter 4

Into the slash

Collect 5 items

End of chapter 5

Complete Chapter 5

End of chapter 6

Complete Chapter 6

End of chapter 7

Complete Chapter 7

Mirror mirror

Hospital explorer

Spend 1 hour

Keen eye

Collect 10 items

End of chapter 8

Complete Chapter 8

End of chapter 9

Complete Chapter 9

Master gatherer

Collect 15 items

Merry go round

Worship at the shrine

Doctor know best

Collect all medical notes

No mercy

Ghost challenger

Spend 3 hours

Truth seeker

Mirror and memory

See through the mirror

Voice of the soul

Collect all Araya's Memos

Virtual Reality experience

Play Araya in VR Mode

All according to the plan

Stop the necromancer

News addict

Collect all newspapers

The Final chapter

Complete Chapter 10

Show mercy

Ghost hunter

Spend 5 hours

Smooth as slik

Don't let Jit kill you



Finish the game for the second time


Earn all achievements