Data Hacker: Reboot achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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"The journey begins..."

You have embarked on a long and perilous journey...

"Time-Lock City"

You completed the 'Metros' World Fracture

"Water Goddess Suijin"

You recruited the Familiar 'Suijin' to the cause

"Fleshy Innards"

You completed the 'Organis' World Fracture

"The Long Way Round"

You defeated the Cava Paragon that was causing distress to the Organis 'Beast'

"Caretaker for the Dead"

You completed the 'Ornatice' World Fracture

"The Time Shift"

You completed the 'Utania' World Fracture


You've accumulated over 10,000 credits

"Property Tycoon I"

You bought the Victorium Workshop!

"Fabrician Sympathiser"

You completed the 'Anyang' World Fracture and rescued Manny

"Middle Class"

You've accumulated over 25,000 credits

"I am the Light"

You rid Anyang of the 'Darkfestation' infestation

"Ethyr Trails"

You completed the 'Cavo Pyra' World Fracture and recruited Kal to the cause


You completed the 'Pleizoic' World Fracture

"Trioarch I"

You've played 10 Trioarch matches

"Trioarch Novice"

Your Trioarch win ratio is over 40%

"Brotherly Conflict"

You helped Jess and Jaisone to reunite, and witnessed Jaisone's passing

"Absentis Numeri"

You crafted the 'Absentis Numeri' spirit core

"Forceful Antidote"

You defeated the Cava Viri optional boss, thus calming Taera


You've accumulated over 50,000 credits

"Corporate Elite"

You've accumulated over 100,000 credits

"Trioarch Competant"

Your Trioarch win ratio is over 60%

"Card of Mastery"

You successfully crafted the 'Card of Mastery' item!


You've accumulated over 75,000 credits

"Why Does it Smell so Bad?"

You successfully infiltrated the O'Solan Temple

"Trioarch Adept"

Your Trioarch win ratio is over 80%


You defeated the Sun God and reunited with Anyia

"Reboot Complete"

You have successfully completed Reboot and entered the post-game!

"I am the Light II"

You successfully rid Cavo Pyra of the 'Darkfestation' infestation

"Trioarch Master"

Your Trioarch win ratio is over 90%

"Where are my Steam Tools?"

You completed the Steam Tool questline and obtained the 'Mind's Eye' item

"Trioarch II"

You've played 25 Trioarch matches

"Scarlet Monstrosity"

You recruited the Familiar 'Scarlet Monstrosity' to the cause

"Grindhouse Conqueror"

You completed the Grindhouse!

"Trioarch III"

You've played 50 Trioarch matches

"Trioarch IV"

You've played 75 Trioarch matches

"Spirit Settler"

You defeated, and laid to rest, the six ghouls from 'The Remembered'

"Trioarch V"

You've played 100 Trioarch matches

"Infusion II"

Successfully defeated the Cava Camau INFUSED post-game boss challenge!

"Infusion I"

Successfully defeated the Cava Paragon INFUSED post-game boss challenge!