Adventures of Pip achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Rescued all villagers in a single level and received a PERFECT rating.

Thank You! Come Again!

Purchased an Item in the Item Shop.

Queen Grub Squashed

Defeated the Queen Grub in the Scarab Forest.

Get A Life

Purchased a Heart Container in the Item Shop.

Temple Heart Broken

Defeated the Temple Heart in the Maddening Marsh.

Forest Folk Found

Rescued all the villagers in the Scarab Forest.

Power Up

Purchased an Upgrade in the Weapon Shop.

Lost & Found

Completed 50% of levels with a PERFECT rating.

Pip, the Pixel Picker Upper

Collected 11,240 pixels in total.

Cragken Cracked

Defeated Cragken in the Galena Caverns.

Lord Magmalith Mastered

Defeated Lord Magmalith in Lava Labyrinth.

Queen DeRezzed

Defeated Queen DeRezzia in her Castle.

All Pixels Have Been Restored

Completed the game.

Swamp Squatters Saved

Rescued all the villagers in the Maddening Marsh.

Pip, the Heartthrob

Purchased all Heart Containers in the Item Shop.

Caves Captives Captured

Rescued all the villagers in the Galena Caverns.

The More, The Better

Purchased all available Upgrades in the Weapon Shop.

DeRezzia's Prisoners Released

Rescued all the villagers in Queen DeRezzia's Castle.

Lava Lodgers Located

Rescued all the villagers in the Lava Labyrinth.

Found 'em All

Completed all levels with a PERFECT rating.