Earthfall achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 86 unknown)

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Barrier to Entry

Deploy a Barrier Kit

Tis but a scratch!

Use a health item on yourself

Let go!

Rescue someone from the Whiplash

Deep Cuts

Kill an alien with a melee weapon

Get off!

Rescue someone pinned by the Thresher

Here to help

Help an incapacitated player up

Tea", Earl Grey," Hot

Initiate a print on a 3D Printer

The Good Life

Complete the Supply Run mission

Killing Spree

Killed 25 aliens in 1 minute or less

Defenses Online

Deploy a Mounted Gun

Power Up

Restore power to a printer or health station


Make it through a mission without being incapacitated


Complete the Breakdown mission

You're welcome

Use a health item on another player

Drone Killer

Kill 500 Drones

01000111 01000111

Complete the Data Recovery mission

Fully Trained

Complete the Radio Silence mission


Kill a Sapper with fire

Whiplash Killer

Kill 50 Whiplashes

Sapper Slapper

Shove a Sapper

Hail Mary


Completed a mission using only pistols

Enrager Killer

Beast Killer

Kill 20 Beasts

Dam Good

Complete The Diversion

Blackout Killer

Kill 20 Blackouts

Pick them off

Kill 500 aliens with the SW22

Drone Killer - Soldier

Kill 1000 Drones

Sapper Killer

Kill 50 Sappers

Fenced In

Deployed 100 Barrier Kits

No, You Move

Shove a Thresher out of the air

Whiplash Killer - Soldier

Kill 100 Whiplashes

Sapper Killer - Soldier

Kill 100 Sappers


Kill 600 aliens with headshots

Point defender

Deploy 25 mounted guns

Invasive Species

Complete all missions in the Invasive Species campaign

Thresher Killer

Kill 50 Threshers

Line 'em up

Killed 5 aliens with one shot

Sharp Shooter

Win a game with high accuracy

Hungry for Brains

Kill 600 or more Drones by shooting them through the brain


Kill 150 aliens with grenades

Beast Killer - Soldier

Kill 50 Beasts

Helping Hand

Save 40 incapacitated players

Get a room!

Save 40 pinned players

Full Auto

Kill 1000 aliens with the AK67

Thresher Killer - Soldier

Kill 100 Threshers

Blackout Killer - Soldier

Killed 50 Blackouts

Drone Killer - Elite

Kill 8000 Drones

Spray and Pray

Kill 1000 aliens with the MP5

Field Medic

Heal 20 players


Complete the Breakdown mission on Overwhelming diffculty

Get Off My Lawn

Complete the Supply Run mission on Overwhelming difficulty


Save 40 unconscious players

Mow 'em down

Kill 400 aliens with a Mounted Gun

Whiplash Killer - Elite

Kill 400 Whiplashes

Sapper Killer - Elite

Kill 400 Sappers

01001111 01001101 01000111

Complete the Data Recovery mission on Overwhelming difficulty

Slice & Dice

Kill 700 aliens with a melee weapon

Off The Rails

Complete the Radio Silence mission on Overwhelming difficulty


Kill 750 aliens with the Vendetta

High and Mighty

Can't beat the classics

Kill 1000 aliens with the AK47

One shot, one kill

Kill 750 aliens with the Glintec

Make a hole

Kill 1000 aliens with the Berg 930

Dam Impressive

Complete The Diversion on Overwhelming difficulty

Field Surgeon

Heal 60 players

Beast Killer - Elite

Kill 100 Beasts

Concentrated Fire

Kill 1500 aliens with the Combat CVA

Thresher Killer - Elite

Kill 400 Threshers

Less than a Truckload

Fear the Reaper

Kill 1000 aliens with the Reaper

Doors and Corners

Kill 1500 aliens with the EF18

Harbinger of Doom

Kill 1000 aliens with the Harbinger

Without a Hitch

Headshot addict

Killed 50 consecutive aliens with headshots or brainshots

Tough Hombre

Finished any campaign on the hardest difficulty

Blackout Killer - Elite

Killed 100 Blackouts


Who needs ammo?

Kill 2500 aliens with melee weapons


Natural Selection

Complete all missions in the Natural Selection campaign

Chooser of the Slain

Full truckload

Double Wide

Propane Accessories