Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Beat the ambush

You Are Here!

Get the map

Yakkety Yak!

Talk to all NPCs in town

Enough for Everyone!

Max out potions

Elephant Obliteration!

Stomp more than 6 blocks in a row

Speed Run the Baron's Lair!

Lab 2 speed run

Play Dead!

Pet the puppy


Burn a vine pot

Old Moneybags!

Max out the gem counter


Destroy all Tinkerbats in the Sunken Cavern

Be the Hero!

Seen ending 1

Heart of Stone!

Puppy denied

Fire Breath!

Stomp a dragon head

And Stay Down!

Kill the same skeleton 6 times

Pikeball Power!

Keep Pikeball active for 2 mins

Move Over Zeus!

Kill 50 enemies with lightning

Got the Touch, Got the Power!

Own all magic and book upgrades


Seen ending 2

Electric Squid!

Beat boss 1 with only electricity

Romper Stomper!

Kill 100 enemies via stomp

Potions Smotions

Beat the genie clone without using potions

Cross Your Heart!

Beat the game with no Heart Holders

Speedy and Greedy!

Seen ending 3

Speed Runner!

Seen ending 4