Mare Nostrum achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Play 100 matches.

Knight's Cross

Win 5 matches as German forces

Infantry Assault Badge

Capture 75 objectives as a German soldier.

Waltzing Matilda

Destroy a Matilda Tank using the "Elefantino" 47/32 ATG.

Queen of the Desert

Get a 10 tank kill streak in the Matilda.

Africa Star

Win every official map as an Allied soldier.

Cavaliere di Gran Croce

Win 5 matches as Italian forces.


Play 25 matches.

An Outing With The Boys

Destroy 20 tanks using the Boys anti-tank rifle.

Well Travelled

Win a match as every nationality.

Boys Own Adventure

Destroy 10 tanks using a captured Boys anti-tank rifle.


Play 250 matches.


Destroy 10 moving motorbikes.

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

Capture 75 objectives as an Allied soldier.

Virtuti Militari

Win 5 matches as Polish forces.


Kill 10 Valentine tanks with a Geballte Ladung.

Victoria Cross

Win 10 matches as either British or Australian forces.

Stuka Saviour

Destroy 15 Bofors Anti-Aircraft guns.

Distinguished Service Medal

Destroy 100 enemy vehicles with Allied armour.

Vickers Victimisation

Destroy 10 vickers tanks with an LG40.

Panzer Badge

Destroy 100 enemy vehicles with German armour.

Italian Tank Regiment Badge

Destroy 100 enemy vehicles with Italian armour.

Rat of Tobruk

Win a match Tobruk Central as the Allied team 15 times.

Italo-German Campaign Medal

Win every official map as an Axis soldier.

Recon Rampage

Kill 100 axis troops in a Vickers Light Tank.

The Medal for Military Valour

Capture 75 objectives as an Italian soldier.