Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Get the perfect bonus 3 times on one level

From Paris With Loaf

Finish the 1st level

One Love, Mon

Finish the 2nd level

Wild Wild West

Finish the 3rd level

What Up Homie?

Finish the 4th level

Tokio Drift

Finish the 5th level


Finish the 6th level


Finish the 7th level

In Soviet Russia, Piano Key Hits You

Finish the 8th level

Gold Digger

Hit 3 gold notes on one level

Feel The Folklore

Finish the 9th level

Electric Avenue

Finish the 10th level

Bring Some Funk To The Town

Finish the 11th level

Master of the Notes

Hit 50 at least excellent notes

Not Even a Scratch

Finish the game without letting your enemy perform a special attack


Get 10 combos in a row

Saviour of the World

Finish the game on the normal level

Frederic the Slayer!

Defeat every character in multi player

Grand Composer

Finish the level with an imposible score

Nothing personal!!!

Defeat Frederic in Multiplayer

Saviour of Humankind

Finish the game on the expert level

Frederic Chopin

Finish the game on the Chopin level

Duel Master!

Win 10 multi player games

Around the world

Win in every available country in multi player

Multi All-Star!

Get all three stars in three levels in multi player