Final Approach: Pilot Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Noob Pilot

Land 1 Plane

Get to tha Choppa!

Land 1 Helicopter

Pest Control

Scare birds off 1 Runway

Fire Fighter

Put out 1 Plane Fire

Junior Pilot

Land 10 Planes

Pilot's License

Land 25 Planes

Expert Pilot

Land 50 Planes

Pool Party

Drop a burning car in the rooftop pool in Metro City

Borrowing the Corporate Jet

Land 50 Private Planes

Outta Time

Fail a mission by letting the time run out

Master Pilot

Land 100 Planes


Complete a mission with full Karma

Last Minute Save

Land a Plane that is out of fuel

Baggage Man

Sort 100 pieces of Luggage


Complete a mission with less than 10% Karma remaining

Et tu, Brute?

Crash 100 Planes

Chopper Lander

Land 50 Helicopters

Outta Gas

Let 20 Planes run out of fuel


Successfully bomb 25 targets

Engine Fire

Put out 50 Plane Fires

Ace Fighter

Shoot down 100 Alien Ships

Preferred Traveler

Land 100 Planes at Metro Aiport

Trigger Happy

Shoot down 100 Enemies with Turrets

Fire Chief

Put out 15 City Fires in Metro City

Commercial License

Land 50 Commercial Planes

Signal Officer

Land 50 Military Planes

Island Native

Land 100 Planes on Parrot Island

Crash Free

Complete the Air Racer objective in Blue Skies without crashing

Guns Blazing

Shoot down 100 Alien Ships with machine guns

Code Breaker

Solve 20 Button Puzzles

Something Good to Eat

Get 3 Stars on Halloween Challenge "Trick or Treat"


Let 10 City Fires burn out of control and explode

Shark Bait

Let the non-swimmers get eaten by sharks

Under The Bridge

Fly under the bridge in the back of Metro City

Rotors, Not Propellors

Put out 25 Helicopter Fires

Grandmaster Pilot

Land 500 Planes

Pilot Rings

Get 3 Stars on the Challenge Mission "Put a Ring On It"

City Slicker

Land 100 Helicopters in Metro City


Get 3 Stars on the Challenge Mission "UF-Oh No!"

Pumpkin' Picker

Get 3 Stars on Halloween Challenge "Pumpkin Picking"

Ridiculous Meticulous

Get 3 Stars on the Challenge Mission "Airport Overload"

Speed Run

Complete the Air Racer objective in Blue Skies under 22.6 seconds


Throw a party in the Hangar Office


Collect all Story Mission Badges

Star Child

Get 3 Stars on all original Story Missions


Capture 5 Criminals