Fortix 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Square Deal

Make a perfect square.

Happy Dragon

Complete a level without capturing any dragons.

Super Combo

Make a 5x combo.

No more to shoot

Capture a catapult when there is no more target left to shoot at.

Triple Hit

Capture at least 3 catapults with one capture.

The Conqueror

Conquer at least 45% of the playfield with a single capture.


Collect 50 sunflowers on Greemland or Classic levels.

Zoo Master

Capture one of each monster.

Right tool for the right job

Destroy a magic orb with a catapult.


Unlock lumberjack avatar by capturing 20 orc watch towers.


Unlock hooligan avatar by smashing gophers in the options menu. Make them all disappear at the same time.


Travel 1000 miles.

Shield Bearer

Capture all shields (at least 2) on an Oarkland or Dwarkland level with one capture.

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Capture Xitrof along with his two replicas.

Stealth Fighter

Complete an Oarkland level without using a catapult.

Dragon Master

Capture 100 dragons.

Complete Collection

Capture one of each power-up.



Make a magic missile do a full circle around you.

Flawless Victory

Complete every level to perfect on any difficulty.

Greed is Good

Capture an Oarkland or Dwarkland level in less than 10 captures.

Let there be light

Make all the shires shine on the map.

Dragon Slayer

Capture 300 dragons.

Mission Impossible

Finish the game on impossible difficulty.


Impossible is Nothing

Complete every level to perfect on impossible difficulty.