Hand of Fate achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Complete the first level of a play session, without taking any damage.

Master Combatant

Complete 3 combats in a single run, without taking any damage.


Kill an enemy with their own reflected projectile.

Combat Ready

Have at least 1 of each type of equipment in your inventory.

Quick Reflexes

Reflect 100 projectiles over multiple play sessions.

Release the Mages!

Complete the Mages encounter.

Close Shave

Win a combat with less than 5 health remaining.

Release the Lava Golems!

Complete the Fire in the Deep encounter.

Release the Lich!

Complete the Lich encounter.


Complete the first 3 levels of a play session, without taking any damage.

Wealthy Lord

Possess 200 or more gold.

Vault Raider

Complete the Goblin King's Halls IV encounter.


Complete all Apprentice encounters.

Release the Minotaur!

Complete the Minotaur encounter.


Perform 2 prone attacks in a row.

Very Brave or Very Stupid

Enter a combat with less than 5 health remaining.


Land the killing blow on 10 enemies with a trap.

The Elder Lizard

Trade with the Elder Lizard.

Very Unlucky

Get 12 'Failure' or 'Huge Failure' chance cards in a single session.

Wretched Soul

Possess 10 Curses at once.


Possess 150 or more health.

Great Hunter

Defeat the White Minotaur.

Arch Mage

Equip all the Mage items at once.

Kraken Master

Defeat the Kraken.

Dungeon Master

Defeat the Dealer.

Well Travelled

Unlock every encounter card.

Well Equipped

Unlock every equipment card.

Very Lucky

Get 15 'Success' or 'Huge Success' chance cards in a single session.


Complete all 6 Demon Trader encounters.


Complete all 6 Blood Auction encounters.


Complete all 6 Charity encounters.


Have 10 rings in your inventory at once.

World Saviour

Turn back the invasion from the underworld.


Kill one of each monster type in a single session.

Well Supplied

Possess 120 or more food.

Master of Traps

Bash 5 enemies into traps in a single session.

King of the Undead

Equip all the Skeleton King items at once.

Pure Enlightenment

Possess 10 Blessings at once.


Complete all Explorer's Gift encounters.

One with the Kraken

Equip the Kraken Sword and Mask at once.

Deep Delver

Reach level 30 in Endless Mode.

Elite Training

Complete all Soldier's Training encounters.

Dungeon Conqueror

Defeat the Dealer as the Warlord.

Master of the Shadows

Complete all Shadow Agent encounters.

Holy Champion

Complete all Monk encounters.

The Wanderer

Complete all Nomad encounters.

Lord of War

Complete all Warlord encounters.

Dragon Slayer

Equip all the Dragon Relic items at once.

Never Enough

Complete all Hoarder's Desire encounters.

Merchant's Saviour

Complete all Merchant Guard encounters.

The Lion Prince

Complete all Curse of the Lion Prince encounters.

Metal Mogul

Possess 300 or more Ore.

Hunger Satiated.

Complete all Iron Hunger encounters.