Fluttabyes achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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4 in a row

Get a line of 4 butterflies

5 in a row

Get a line of 5 butterflies

I'm Famous!

Upload your score to the online leaderboard

Double Combo!

Survival Newbie

Survive for 30 seconds

6 in a row

Get a line of 6 butterflies


Place your first ladybird

Survival Apprentice

Survive for 2 minutes


Create a 4x4 shape

Hungry for more

Re-start a Survival Game

Survival 100K

Score 100,000 in Survival


Get your first combo bonus

Plenty of Time

Refill the dandelion

Endless Newbie

Play Endless for 2 minutes

7 in a row

Get a line of 7 butterflies

Endless Apprentice

Play Endless for 5 minutes

Endless Survival

Play Survival and Endless in the same hour

Endless Expert

Play Endless for 10 minutes

Endless Master

Play Endless for 20 minutes

Been There, Seen That.

See all 4 backdrops

Endless Millionaire

Score 1,000,000 in Endless

Four Fuwch Goch Gota

Create a 4 ladybird bonus

Survival Expert

Survive for 5 minutes


Create a 5x5 shape

Somewhere, over the...

Survival 500K

Score 500,000 in Survival

Vijf Lieveheersbeestjes

Create a 5 ladybird bonus


Create a 6x6 shape

Endless Multi-Millionaire

Score 5,000,000 in Endless

7-by-7 Emperor

Create a purple 7x7 shape

7-by-7 Holly

Create a blue 7x7 shape

7-by-7 Clouded

Create a yellow 7x7 shape

7-by-7 Viceroy

Create a red 7x7 shape

Siedem Biedronki

7-by-7 Hairstreak

Create a green 7x7 shape

Hat Katicabogarak

Create a 6 ladybird bonus

Survival Millionaire

Score 1,000,000 in Survival

Endless Multi-Multi-Millionaire

Score 10,000,000 in Endless