Flix and Chill achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Second Date

Win Samantha's Heart


Get denied by Marta


Set Tony up with Laura

Asian Persuasion

Win Kim's Heart

Kicked Out

Get kicked out of the club

Funky Fresh

Nail all dance moves as Anthony

Hipster Stole My Girl

Samantha ditches you for Jeff

The Original G

Win Marta's Heart

Girlfriend Material

Become Jake's Girlfriend

It Takes Two To Tango

Win Camila's Heart


Try every kind of drink at the club

Two Left Feet

Get denied by Camila


Make 5 couples end up together in the end.


Give as little money as possible away

Casanova Naturale

Nail every dance move as Mark


Stay home


Friend-zone Jake

Swings Both Ways

Dance with everyone as Mark

Stay Hungry

Eat the enchilada, eat the granola bar, and eat nothing.

Coffee Connoisseur

Tried each kind of coffee

Pathological Liar

Lie to Samantha about Anthony and Camila in every way possible

Gamer Girl

Beat Jake at every game

Snack Fiend

Order Every Kind Of Snack