Firefighters 2014 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Baptism of Fire

Complete the first operation.


Complete the BBQ shack operation.


Bring the victim of a cycling accident to the hospital successfully.

Elevator Tourist

Free a person trapped in an elevator.

Your Call is Being Connected

Establish a water supply from a hydrant for the first time.

Wild Thing

Complete an operation involving an animal-vehicle crash.

Neat Freak

Ensure that no picture frames are hanging crooked on the wall.


Complete the farm operation.

Village Festival

Complete the Ferris wheel operation.


Complete the highway accident operation.

In the Subway

Complete the subway derailment operation.

Old Smokestacks

Complete the old factory operation.

Water Fight

Turn on all the faucets at the fire station.


Exercise at least 10 times in the fitness room in a 24-hour shift.

Coffee Junkie

Drink at least 10 cups of coffee in a 24-hour shift.