Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Ice Carver

Smash some ice.

Origami novice

Find the first Origami piece


Solve your first Detective Mode scene

DIY Pyrotechnics

Launch a firework


Solve a puzzle without using Skip.

First Class Firefighter

Extinguish a fire


Find what’s "hidden."

Open Sesame!

Find a hidden passage.

Hidden Object Challenger

Finish one hidden object scene without using Hint.

Snowflake collector

Find first Hidden Snowflake Symbol


Find a new hobby.

Thorough Viewer

View three cutscenes without using Skip

Master Cartographer

Make a map.


Set something on fire.


Solve three puzzles without using Skip.


Make some hot drink.


Release from bonds.


Chill something out. Literally.

Master Detective

Solve all Detective Mode scenes

Fire Training

Turn on the fire alarm.

Little Chemist

Make an antidote.

Hidden Object Master

Finish all hidden object scenes without using Hint.

Catch Them All

Find all nine Hidden Snowflake Symbols.

Origami Master

Find all the Origami