Block Story achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Apprentice Miner

Break 100 blocks.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Kill Aragog.

Apprentice Blockster

Reach level 25.

Journeyman Miner

Break 1000 blocks.

Stone Miner

Break 250 blocks with the Stone Pick Axe.

Iron Miner

Break 250 blocks with the Iron Pick Axe.

Prehistoric Legend

Kill Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Stone Chopper

Break 250 blocks with the Axe.


Kill 100 Spiders.

Stone Digger

Break 250 blocks with the Shovel.

Stone Breaker

Break 250 blocks with the Hammer.

Skull and Bones

Kill Dark BOSS.

Slayer of Legends

Kill Ashkore.

Mythical Beast

Kill Hydra.

Goblin Miner

Break 500 blocks with the Goblin Pick Axe.

Journeyman Blockster

Reach level 50.


Kill 100 Dark Mages.


Kill 100 Dark Knights.

Heroic Miner

Break 10000 blocks.

Angelic Avenger

Kill 200 enemies with the Angelic Swords.

Tasty Frog Legs

Kill Shiva.

Dragon Slayer

Kill 25 Dragons.

Ice Sculpturing

Kill 50 Ice Elemental with the Battle Axe.

Professional Hunter

Kill 100 enemies with the Bow.

King of Dragons

Kill Dragon Lord.


Kill 25 Megalodons.

Frog Leg Delicacy

Kill 10 Shiva.

Fire Extinguisher

Kill 50 Barlog with the Ice Axe.

Scorched Fate

Kill 50 Snow Grampa Giggles with the Fire Axe.

Heroic Blockster

Reach level 100.

Frog Leg Feast

Kill 30 Shiva.

Legendary Blockster

Reach level 200.

Legendary Miner

Break 100000 blocks.

Community Service

Complete 200 daily quests.


Kill 500 enemies with the Rockets.