The Red Solstice achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 73 unknown)

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M.E.R.C.S. Armor

First encounter!

You have seen it, and you have killed it!

Colony Dark

You have completed Colony dark mission


You have survived, and that's what it counts for!

Call down the thunder!

You have taken out hellspawn with SHIVA weapon.

Man of Duty

You have contributed to salvation of Tharsis, whether for the good of it, or for the bad.



You know your way around, you've been here for some time.


You have completed S.A.R.A. mission

Nemesis of the dark

You got on the field, you took them down in one round, 50 high threat kills.


You have completed Stonewall mission

Balance of Power

You have completed Balance of power mission

Tactical Advantage

You have mastered all 8 classes.

Project Terra

You have completed the Project Terra storyline succesfully.

Dirty Little Secret

You have completed the Insurgents storyline succesfully.

Chasing Echoes

You have completed Chasing echoes mission

Castel Nuovo

You have completed Castel nuovo mission

Bonds Which Bond

You have completed Bonds which bond mission

V.L.A.K. Transport

You have completed V.L.A.K. transport mission

Bronze Star

The fabian strategy

You have completed The fabian strategy mission

Soldier's Medal

Experienced Assault


You have completed the science sector on soldier difficulty or higher.

Smoke and Mirrors

You have completed Smoke and mirrors mission

Veterans Medal


You have completed the industrial sector on soldier difficulty or higher.

Experienced Medic

Experienced Heavy Support

Experienced Hellfire

Experienced Recon

Field Service Achievement

Experienced Demolitions

Experienced Marksman

Experienced Terminator

Veteran Assault

Force Cross


Win the game in Hardcore, Primary, Secondary missions with 4 marines, and finish all objectives. Defeat Vivian Parks, or win normal difficulty alone.

Campaign Order

Veteran Medic

Veteran Heavy Support

Purple Heart

Veteran Hellfire

Field Service Commendation

Elite Assault

Veteran Marksman

Veteran Terminator

Veteran Recon

Aetriden's Cross

Veteran Demolitions

Elite Medic

Commander Cross

Elite Heavy Support

Silver Star

Legion of Assault

Elite Terminator

Elite Marksman

Elite Hellfire

Brutal Hardcore

You have finished single player in brutal hardcore mode

Colonial Superior Service


You have finished single player in hardcore mode

Aetriden Medal of Honor

Elite Demolitions

Elite Recon

Veteran Campaign Order

Force Specialist Cross

Cross of Honor

Colonial Distinguished Service

Distinguished Force Specialist

Elite Campaign Order

Order Of Colonial Defense

Order of Colonial Force

Legion of Merit