Eternal Card Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 92 unknown)

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Complete the Campaign

Completed the Campaign

Throne Streak: 5

Win 5 ranked games in a row.

Throne: Silver

Earn silver in ranked for any season.

Throne: Gold

Earn gold in ranked for any season.

Join the Fight

Won 100 PvP games.

Throne: Diamond

Earn diamond in ranked for any season.

Lucky Pull

Played a Legendary card in a Draft

Draft: Silver

Earned Silver in Draft for any season.

Throne: Master

Earn master in ranked for any season.

Battle for the Throne

Played all 5 Scions.

Forge Expert

Won 5 Forges without losing a game.

Just as Planned

Complete 20 Site Agendas.

Draft: Gold

Earned Gold in Draft for any season.


Complete Homecoming.

Most Dangerous Game

Kill an enemy unit that has 7 or more strength with a Killer attack.

Pledge Allegiance

Pledge 30 times.


Ended a Draft with a 7-0 record.

Nowhere to Hide

Kill a Shifted enemy unit.


Activate Onslaught 100 times.

Found It!

Play 50 Treasure Troves.

Price of Fame

Activate Renown 100 times.

Draft: Diamond

Earned Diamond in Draft for any season.

Press Shift

Play 100 units Shifted.


Activate 50 Mastery abilities.

Do the Twist

Twist 100 times.

Ritual of Blood

Sacrifice 20 Cultists.

A New Era

Unsustainable Practices

Decimate your power 50 times.

Going Big

Amplify 100 times.

Well Protected

Gain 100 armor.


Destroy 50 enemy Sites.

Stormhalt Defiance

Play a free Stormhalt Knife in PvP.

Perfectly Even

Draw 20 cards with Evenhanded Golem.

Army of the Shugo

Have four Oni wielding weapons.

Draft: Master

Earn Master in Draft for any season.

Coordinated Arrival

Have three or more Shifted units emerge in a single turn.

Expedition Streak: 5

Win 5 Expedition games in a row.


End a game with more than 30 total influence.

The Price Must be Paid

Kill the enemy player with Nahid's ability.

Promises by Firelight

Complete the Promises by Firelight campaign.

Cut the Muster

Activate three Muster abilities in a single turn.

Expedition: Silver

Earn Silver in Expedition during any chapter.

Run 'em Out

Kill a versus opponent by running their deck out of cards.

Sodi's Offensive

Draw 10 cards from Sodi's ability.


Have curses on six different enemies.


Play an Exalted Weapon with five or more battle skills.

Expedition: Gold

Earn Gold in Expedition during any chapter.

Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!

Play 5 Flamefangs in the same turn.

Do Not Go Gentle

How Fickle

Blade Barrier

Gain 500 armor.

Awaken the Dragon


Expedition: Diamond

Earn Diamond in Expedition during any chapter.


Steal at least 7 power with Unseen Longbow.

Twisted Frontier

Twist three different units in a turn.

Sundered Veil

Shift nine units from the void with Uldra.

Nightmare Commander

Activate 50 Corrupted Shade ultimates.

Grand Design

Have a Kira that is 10/10 or larger with 5 or more battle skills.

It's One Louder

Amplify Diogo up to x11.

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

But Wait...There's More!

Draw 5 or more cards in one turn with Archgryffyn Patriarch.

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Tote...

Make a 10 Strength or more Totemite with Solwatcher Tota.

Expedition: Master

Earn Master in Expedition during any chapter.

Pardon the Interruption

Ambush a relic weapon with a Stormtamer's Mount

Temporal Domination

Take three turns in a row.

Strangest Things

Have 12 differently named Strangers in play at once.

Rap Battle

Play 20 fast curses.

Explosive Finale

Deal 50 or more damage with a single spell.

Exalted Warrior

Play 5 exalted weapons at the same time with Kodosh's Armor.

Grave Danger

Increase the enemy player's health with Vicious Rejuvenation, then win the game.

Bold Tinkering

Play a unit with at least 7-cost with Keelo

Emerald Master

Play a unit with 15 Strength or more with Emerald Maw.

Battle Mage

Play a spell with 3 or more battle skills.

Just Rewards

Draw Razca from your void 5 times in a single game.

Seize Power

Play Korovyat Palace while you have Yushkov in play.

Delve Deep

Play a 5-cost spell with Praxis Trove.

Spring has Sprung

Destroy an Eye of Winter while you have Guardian of Spring in play.

Just What I Needed

Swap Wrath of Caiphus out of your hand and play it later in the same game.

Prophecy Fulfilled

Win a game with Archmagister's Prophecy

The Meek Shall Inherit

Play an Edge of Uprising with 0-cost.

Persuasive Offer

Steal a unit with 6 Strength or more with Dizo, Cabal Racketeer

Ruthless Efficiency

Play Contract Hit on your own unit.