Mekazoo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Power Shell

Recharge your shield

Hello, Frog

Unlock the frog

Just the Beginning

Collect your first gear

Bus Money

Collect 10 Gems

Ready to Bounce

Unlock the wallaby


Alter your appearance in the Mekapod

Designated Hitter

Unlock the panda


Beat a Level in co-op

Just Being Thorough

Collect a Gem via 400 mekaballs


Exorcise the armadillo

In the Flow

Collect 25 gears

Turn The Bird

Unlock the pelican

Hive Mind

Beat a Boss in co-op


Collect 100 Gems

Master Key

Collect 60 gears

I'm the Boss

Equip boss costume

Walk in Closet

Unlock all platings, glows, and costumes in the Mekapod

Great! now go play something else

100% completion

They're No Good to Me Dead

Collect all Bounty Medals

The Immortan

Collect all Stay Alive Medals

The Fastest, Ever!

Collect all Time Medals

Replay Value

Find all secret switchers


Collect all Gems