Company of Heroes: Far East War achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 79 unknown)

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Defender Of China

Defender Of The Empire


Defence Is Key

CoDiEx ready for duty!

Conscripted For Success

Can I Be A Developer Now?

Equal Terms


Bushido Blade

Biker’s club

Big Trouble In Little China!



Can’t Find Them All

Demonic Presence

Mighty Warlords

Zero Reconnaissance


Learn To Flank

Ip Man

Is It A Car? Is It A Tank? No It’s An Armoured Car!

Infantry All The Way (IJA)

Infantry All The Way (NRA)

I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning

Look Out For The Little Tankette That Could

Here Sir!

Human Wave

Get This Party Started

German Technology Is The Best In the World!

For The Emperor!

Little Red Book

I’m Independent

Long Live The Revolution

Red Bayonet At Your Command!

A Donkey, A Donkey! My Kingdom For A Donkey!!

Mobile Pillbox

At0m!k At Your Command

Mountain Gun Madness

Manchurian Tiger

Sniper Ace

Who Needs Armour


Prisoner Of War

Occupation Legacy

Sun Tzu

Soviet Monster

Soviet Style

Notice Me Senpai!

Wokou Bastards

Made In China

Should Have Finished The Tutorial

Small Loan


Sherman Ace

Secret Simcity

Resurrection Of A God

Redhawk At Your Service

Tank Destroyer

Tear down the wall!

The Chinese Regulars

We Will Build A Better Wall!

Where’s The Expedition Headed?

Vehicles All The Way (NRA)


Unstoppable Force

Vehicles All The Way (IJA)

They Call Him Kung Fu Killer

Tokyo Express

The Emperor’s Chosen

Fight Till The End

Who am I?

This Is Just Depressing

The Japanese Regulars

Who Farted?

Puppet Master

Never Ending War

Faster than the train

Lost Honour