Bomber Crew achievement guide & roadmap


A good fun FTL-like with a cartoony WWII bomber.

Pretty easy on the achievements; most you'll get naturally through your playthrough, and most of the rest are easy to deliberately get. The only two to watch out for - aside from keeping your whole crew alive for {{Seven Survive Seven}} and {{Tour Of Duty}} - are {{Ace of Aces}} and {{Qualified}}; concentrate on levelling up your crew and make sure to find and kill Aces whenever you see a mission with one available.

Bear in mind you can grind out each campaign segment by repeating all the non-critical missions as much as you like, they randomly regenerate after each attempt (technically, each time you enter the hanger to select one, whether you fly or not...)


Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

7 missable achievements

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Bomber Crew

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Complete the first mission


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Take a photo of an intel site

Most missions will have an optional objective for this. Use someone in the bomber position to do this, the bomb bay doors do not need to be open.

Target Destroyed

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Destroy an enemy target

Mission Success

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Return to the airbase having successfully bombed all targets

Seven Survive Success

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a successful mission with all 7 crew surviving

Winging it

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Repair an engine mid-flight

you can send a dude (preferably the engineer) to repair the engine if damaged; he will climb out along the wing to do it. This should be easy to get; engine damage will be inevitable as you go through the missions.

NB don't emergency dive while he is out there... ...he will fall off and die!

Ace Encounter

Story, Optional, Anywhere,

Encounter an Enemy Ace

Aces will be randomly present in the missions in each campaign segment. Besides choosing a mission with an ace in it and flying you don't need to do anything to 'encounter' them... ...they will find you!

Fifty Fighters

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Destroy 50 enemy fighters

Sinking Feeling

Grind, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Sink 5 Submarines

It will be mostly impossible to miss this as you go through the story.


Grind, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Fly 10 missions

Twenty Targets

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Destroy 20 enemy targets

Ace in the Hole

Story, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Defeat an Enemy Ace

Note that missions are randomly re-generated even if you just save & return to main menu and come back in. you can use this to good effect to help get aces to appear... ..and to get them to appear in an easier type of mission!

Seven Survive Seven

Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Complete 7 missions with the same 7 crew surviving


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Fly 25 missions

Fifty Fighters Five Times

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Destroy 250 enemy fighters

V1 Destroyer

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Shoot down a V1 Rocket

You'll see these in the 2nd portion of the game, they can be tagged like enemy fighters and should be easy to shoot down. you should get this easily.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Fly 40 missions

Four of a kind

Grind, Missable, Anywhere,

Defeat 4 Enemy Aces (in one campaign)

See Ace of Aces.

Running On Fumes

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a mission and land at the airbase with less than 5% fuel remaining

Its easy to do this at the end of the mission by instructing the pilot to land but leaving the gear up; he will circle round and round making landing attempts. When the fuel gauge nears the bottom of the red part lower the gear and you'll land pretty quick. Use the Boost option to consume fuel more quickly while circling. Also time acceleration.

One Engine

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Land at the airbase with only one working engine

Tour Of Duty

Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Have one of your crew survive 30 missions


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

Fully level up a crew member

Remember they level up more slowly if a secondary skill is selected. Keep one member with no secondary so they level the primary more quickly (the XP is split between primary and secondary).

Level 12 is maxxed. Level 4 for the secondary for Medic.

Double Qualified

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Fully level up a crew member in two skills

Once at level 5, in the Training screen you can select a secondary skill for each crew member. XP per mission gets split between the primary and secondary skill.

Grand Slam

Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

Destroy a target using the Grand Slam bomb

Available from the 6th campaign segment. Must be launched from High altitude - so get the thermals on your crew!

NB can be done from Medium altitude just after selecting to go to High - but in this case aim a chunk after the target in the bombsight crosshair; maybe the diameter of a large base.

Ace of Aces

Grind, Missable, Anywhere,

Defeat all Enemy Aces (in one campaign)

There is one ace per campaign segment, so 8 in all. Ish. Make sure you get one in each segment - but if lucky you may get 2 in a segment (I got 2 in the 5th segment). They will be randomly present on the randomly generated missions in each segment. Keep grinding the missions until you get the ace. They will often take two attempts/missions to kill as they will usually escape the first time (assuming you're not hanging about in the mission!).

Ofc aces are tough; upgrade stuff before attempting and don't be afraid to run away and try again later if you're getting battered.

Focused Four

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Use 'focus' on all 4 gunner stations at once

You'll need to have selected gunnery as a secondary skill for two people (bomber and mechanic maybe) - and level this up to 5 to get access to the Focus ability.

The Bunker

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Complete the campaign

Bail Out!

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Bail out your entire crew

you need parachutes for everyone for this - which means you will need around $10k to buy the equipment stations.

Use the command on the Pilot to get the rest of the crew to bail, then take the pilot manually to a remaining parachute and then to one of the parachute icons to get him to bail too - the achievement will then pop pretty much immediately.

Two hundred Targets

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Destroy 200 enemy targets

This will take a lot of grinding - even if you're repeatedly grinding the missions in each campaign segment to earn the cash for plane upgrades.

Note that you can bomb any random enemy buildings to count against this - even the optional photo op recon objectives (if you're nimble you can get a photo and bomb it in one pass over!). If you bomb on a first pass and photo the wreckage on the 2nd pass you will still get the recon photo credit. Do this on every mission to help get there more quickly...

Skeleton Crew

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete a mission and land at the airbase with 2 or fewer crew members surviving

Puit your crew naked (or clothing with minimal armour), and make your plane as tough as possible. Except the pilot and one other (navigator!).

Or, put 5 people out on the wing with no parachute and do an emergency dive...

Good luck...

NB to avoid messing up your campaign progress, do this at the beginning of the campaign (first mission), or back up your saves first (C:\Users\%Username\AppData\LocalLow\Runner Duck\Bomber Crew)