Motor Rock achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Gain the victory

25 Kills

Kills opponents 25 times

Well Who Does Not Happen

Just unlucky before the finish

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Open the next planet

50 Kills

Kills opponents 50 times


Just die :)

25 Wins

Gain the victory in 25 races

100 Kills

Kills opponents 100 times

Love And Peace

Try to win the race without firing

50 Wins

Gain the victory in 50 races

Speed Kills

kills more than three opponents on the last lap

100 Wins

Gain the victory in 100 races

See You Soon

Learn who developed the game

Easy Tournament

Complete the game on Easy difficulty

Normal Tournament

Complete the game on Normal difficulty

Hard Tournament

Complete the game on Hard difficulty

Old School

Complete the game on the start machines