DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Time to go to work guys!

You have purchased Dante's first upgrade

Come on Puppy. Let's go!

You have defeated the Hunter

It's got to stay in the family

You have acquired Arbiter


You have slayed 100 Demons as Dante

Thing drives me crazy

You have acquired Osiris

Only kind of gift worth giving

You have acquired the Angel Boost ability

Flock off, feather-face!

You have defeated the Tyrant in the church

This baby sure can pack a punch

You have acquired Eryx

He's a demon too

You helped Phineas by retrieving his eye

You are not a Human, are you?

You have acquired Dante's the Devil Trigger ability


You gained a SSS Style Rank during combat

No talking!

You have acquired Aquila

More than just a few sparks

You have acquired Revenant

Whatever, Lady

You have defeated Mundus' spawn

We have an uninvited guest

You defeated a Wisp

You're not going to shoot me

You have acquired Kablooey

It's time to finish this!

You helped Vergil open the Vault

Cleaning up his Dad's mess

You have defeated Mundus

The end? Don't bet on it

You completed Dante's story

You don't belong here

You defeated an Imprisoner

Our souls are at odds brother

You've completed Vergil's downfall

It's only the rain

During "Found" you killed 10 enemies using the Hurricane ride

Bring it on!

You have slayed 1,000 Demons as Dante


Completed a mission with a SSS rank

A man with guts and honor

Finished "Secret Ingredient" while killing all of the enemies during the descent

This is my kind of rain

You have spent 20,000 Red Orbs as Dante

This party's just getting crazy!

You have completed 10 of the Secret Missions

There's still time

During "The Plan" you killed all of the enemies before entering the tower

Looks like it's your lucky day

You completed a level without taking any damage

Looks like we have a winner

You have slayed 2,500 Demons as Dante

Too easy!

Completed all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty with Dante

One hell of a party!

You have completed all of the Secret Missions

King? Yeah, here's your crown

You reached wave 50 of Bloody Palace with Dante

Fill your dark soul with light

You have found all of the Lost Souls in Dante's story

Is there a problem?

Completed all missions on Hardcore mode with Dante

Not very classy for someone's dying words

You killed a 1000 enemies with Vergil

Let's rock, baby!

You have upgraded Dante's health to maximum

You can't handle it

You have upgraded Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum


You have freed all of the Lost Souls in Vergil's story

You shall die!

You have upgraded Vergil's Devil Trigger to maximum

I've come to retrieve my power

You have purchased all of Vergil's combat upgrades

I need more power!

Completed Vergil's downfall on the Son of Sparda difficulty

Don't speak. Just die!

You completed all missions on Hardcore mode with Vergil

This may be fun!

You have upgraded Vergil's health to maximum

What are you gonna do with all that power?

You reached wave 30 of Bloody Palace with Vergil

Power... Give me more power!

You have purchased all of Dante's combat upgrades

Devils never cry

Completed all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty with Dante

This is the power of Sparda!

Completed Vergil's downfall on the Vergil Must Die difficulty

I see a devil inside you has awakened

Awarded a SSS rank on 5 different missions with Vergil

I only take special jobs

Awarded a SSS rank on 10 different missions with Dante