Downfall achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Meet Joe Davis

You completed the tutorial

Part One

You read Part One of the letter

Dead Celebrities

Found Between The Floors

You explored all 4 floors of the hotel


Agnes turned on the radio

The Only Monster Is You

My Quiet Haven

You completed all the tasks in Helen Road

Piece By Piece

You settled the matter with four Sophie's


Noises She Makes In Their Bed

Just Do It

Right In The Shnoz

Bad Kitty

The cat ran away from Young Joe

Runaway Bride

Agnes persuaded Ivy to join her

The Penis Award

You found a penis in the hotel garden



You had a nice chat with Harrison

Demon Slayer

Part Two

You read Part Two of the letter

The Final Part

You read the third and Final Part of the letter

Master Crafter


You were really mean to Ivy

Lucky Dip

You found some concept art in the lucky dip!

The Head Office

Joe found Agnes' head on the desk in the manageress' office

No Eyes, Always Watching


Golden Ending

Full Of Crap

You made Doctor Z really angry