Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 41 unknown)

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Report a crime to the monks in Kingsbridge.

Man of politics

Get involved in your brother's politics.

Yet another secret

Unlock a secret room in Kingsbridge.

Let there be darkness

Dim the lights in the cathedral.

Friends of sorts

Become friends with Alfred.

End of Book One

Complete Book One.

Full house

Invite everybody to the chapter meeting.

Garden of Eden

Support Milius' dream of a garden.

Help an old friend

Take care of your pony.

Wannabe knight

Try becoming a knight.

Negotiation skills

Negotiate the best deal for Kingsbridge.

Two of us

Stay together.

Everything's in order

Bring order into William's chaos.

Workers' union

Help the fullers.

End of Book Two

Complete Book Two.

Good midwife

Be especially supportive during birth.


Take care of Kingsbridge's insect problem.

Twist of Fate

Wisen up before you cause great disaster.

Jack was here!

Find Jack's tracks.

The oath

Fulfill your vow.

Friar Tuck

Steal from the bishop at every opportunity.


Catch the suspect.

The truth revealed

Reveal the conspiracy.

The End.

Complete Book Three!

First profit

Make a profit.

Silentium est aureum

Let the others do the talking.

Brother Marcus

Meet the consequences of your past.

Team player

Give moral support to the knights.

Skilled merchant

Negotiate well.

Nothing but make-believe

Find all telling clues.

Staring contest champion

Return the stare.

A cry for help

Take care of a kindred soul.

Rebel without a cause

Get into trouble with the Earl of Shiring.

Lone wolf

Become enemies with Alfred.

Vox Populi

Gather an army.

Care, like a brother cares

Use every opportunity to teach Martha how to use your slingshot.


Take revenge.

Countess Aliena

Become countess.

A brush with death

Escape the knights.


Prepare Elizabeth for the worst.

Boy of mystery

Keep quiet about your past.