Street Warriors Online achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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First Blood

Defeat first opponent


Strike a fallen opponent

Who's The Boss ?

Win your first fight


Use first energy drink

Combat Adjustments

Change combat configuration

Flying Hammer

Knockdown enemy with a sprint attack


Get best score during a fight

Morpheus I

Defeat 10 opponents

Well trained

Learn all fight moves

Battle Expert I

Reach experience level 2

Let's Go Shopping

Buy new cloth

Style Blogger

Buy all non-epic clothes for at least one character

Conqueror I

Win 10 battles

Respectable I

Earn 5000 respect points

Heavy Thrower I

Knockdown 10 opponents by throwing a heavy weapon

Morpheus II

Defeat 100 opponents

Heavy Drinker I

Drink 10 drinks

Death From Above

Defeat an enemy with Air-Kick


Intercept bag carrier and deliver bag to your van

Get Powered

Socket first PowerCard

Hot Fists

Win a battle using only your fists


Do not get any damage during battle

Battle Expert II

Reach experience level 5


Win a battle using only your kicks


Spray over all bases during a conquest battle

Full Tarot

Collect all power cards

Gear Up

Equip clothes for all sockets

Gold Rush

Buy Your first Gold Pack

Morpheus III

Defeat 500 opponents

Conqueror II

Win 100 battles

Respectable II

Earn 50000 respect points

Heavy Thrower II

Knockdown 100 opponents by throwing a heavy weapon

Heavy Drinker II

Drink 100 drinks


Spend 20 hours in game

Respectable III

Earn 100000 respect points

Battle Expert III

Reach experience level 10

Stat Master

Distribute all attribute points

Puppet Master

Own at least 4 characters


Win a match using only roundhouse kicks

Conqueror III

Win 500 battles

Heavy Drinker III

Drink 500 drinks

Heavy Thrower III

Knockdown 500 opponents by throwing a heavy weapon

Epic Warrior

Wear all 3 epic cloth items