Jolly Rover achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Dashing Escape

Escaped Howell's Ship

Bon Voyage

Sent a shipmate on a trip to remember

Invented Trampoline

Invented the trampoline

Yo Ho Ho

Joined a pirate crew


Infiltrated pirate stockade

Captain Rover

Sailed to Shipwreck Island


Found Silvereye's treasure

Turtle Steed

Rode a sea turtle

Clown Pirate

Defeated DeSilver


Escape in a hot air balloon

Skull Cracker

3x coconut knock-out

Adventure Gamer

Completed game without hints

Coin Collector

Found all pieces of eight

Flag Waver

Found all pirate flags

Cracker Packer

Found all crackers

Maximum Score

Earned maximum score