Disgaea PC achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Prince of the Netherworld

Completed Ep. 1 "Prince of the Netherworld"

100 Kills!

Killed 100 enemies!

Defeated Item General!

Defeated the Extra Boss "Item General"

500 Kills!

Killed 500 enemies!

Etna's Secret

Completed Ep. 5 "Etna's Secret"

1,000 Kills!

Killed 1,000 enemies!

First Transmigration

Performed your first transmigration

Super Rich!

Obtained 1,000,000 HL

Angels, Demons, and Humans

Completed Ep. 10 "Angels, Demons, and Humans"

Noob Grinder

Obtained Total LV 100

Got Dream Hand!

Obtained the Dream Hand!

What Lies Beyond the Battle

Completed Final Episode "What Lies Beyond the Battle"

Intermediate Grinder

Obtained Total LV 1,000

Defeated Item King!

Defeated the Extra Boss "Item King"

Grind Professional

Obtained Total LV 5,000

Tons of Bonus!

Obtained 10,000,000 HL at the end of battle

100,000 Damage!

Dealt 100,000 Damage!

Grind Master

Obtained Total LV 10,000

Cave of Ordeal Cleared!

Cleared Extra Stages "Cave of Ordeal"

Defeated Priere

Defeated the Extra Boss "Priere"

Defeated Marjoly

Defeated the Extra Boss "Marjoly"

Super Dimensional Etna

Completed Ep. 1 of Etna Mode "Super Dimensional Etna"

Defeated Item God!

Defeated the Extra Boss "Item God"

Defeated Super Overlord Baal

Defeated the Extra Boss "Baal"

Chronicles of Etnarnia

Completed Final Episode of Etna Mode "Chronicles of Etnarnia"

Defeated Item God 2!

Defeated the Extra Boss "Item God 2"

Transmigration Master

Performed 10 transmigrations

10,000,000 Damage!

Dealt 10,000,000 Damage!

Got Hyperdrive!

Obtained the Hyperdrive!

EX Complete!

Defeated all EX bosses!