Beast Boxing Turbo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Boxing Debut

Win your first match as a beast boxer.

Bush League

Win the Bush League Title.

Train Hard, Fight Harder

Pay for training at the gym.

Pro League

Win the Pro League Title.


Spend 2000 coins on upgrades and gear.

No Sweat!

Win a fight without going into low stamina mode.

Slab of Iron

Ultra League

Win the Ultra League Title and become the Beast Boxing champion!

Piece of Cake!

Beat the game in Casual mode.

Again! Again!

Win a rematch against any opponent.

Gettin' Beastly

Upgrade a stat to level 30 by training in the gym.


Serious Accomplishment

Beat the game in Normal Mode!

Coin Grabber

Pick up 25 coins from the ground in Endless Mode.


Statimus Maximus

Upgrade all stats to level 20 by training in the gym.

Mad Skills

Jeez. Beat the game in Hardcore mode.


By a Hair

Win a round with less than 3% health remaining.