Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands - Standard Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 57 unknown)

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A Good Start

Completed the first mission "Amaru's rescue".

Rebel Sympathizer

Unlocked a Rebel skill.

Death in the Dark

Campaign: Made a close-combat kill at night.

Beat the Boss

Defeated your first boss.

Legend Hunter

Discovered one legend.

Eye in the Sky

Campaign: Marked 100 enemies with a drone.

Road Warrior

Drove a vehicle for 100 km.

With a Pistol!

Campaign: Took out a sniper with a pistol.


Completed 3 missions with another player.


Skydived 10 times.

Real Rebel

Unlocked all the Rebel skills.

Spice of Life

Played each type of side mission.

Highway Bandit

Tagged 10 convoys.

Long Shot

Campaign: Hit a target more than 400m away.

Deadly Curious

Interrogated 20 sources.

Broken Locks

Completed the Security operation.

The Champion

Campaign: Maxed out your XP and levels.

Death from Above

Campaign: Killed an enemy with a drone.

Bad Reputation

Completed the Influence operation.

The End

Finished the story.

Shut Down

Completed the Production operation.

Black-out Boomer

Campaign: Destroyed a generator with a C4 blast.

Smuggler's Blues

Completed the Smuggling operation.

Finished the Job

Campaign: Killed an enemy in close combat who was hurt by another player .

Mission Master

Completed all Story missions.


Campaign: Marked 100 enemies with the binoculars.

Serious Collector

Found 50% of the documents in the game.

Shotguns Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all shotguns models.

Light Machine-Gun Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all light machine-gun models.

Sniper Rifle Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all sniper rifle models.

Handgun Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all handguns models.

Ultimate Skill

Campaign: Bought all the upgrades of a Skill branch.

Assault Rifle Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all assault rifle models.

Submachine-Gun Fanatic

Campaign: Collected all submachine-gun models.

Heavy Medals

Collected all the bonus medals.


Shot an enemy chopper out of the air with a mortar.

No Better Rebel

Maxed out each Rebel skill.

Kill list

Fallen Ghosts: Kill one of each Extranjeros squad archetypes

Top Drone

Campaign: Bought all drone-related upgrades.

The Whole Story

Found all documents.

Tactical genius

Fallen Ghosts: Blind yourself using the Flash Drone

Legendary Hunter

Discovered all legends.

Only the Best

Campaign: Bought all upgrades.

Cluster Bomber

Campaign: Killed 7 enemies with a single C4 blast.

A hero once, a hero twice

Fallen Ghosts: complete the operation

Gang Leader

Operation Narco Road: Kill One boss of the cartel

A Better Mousetrap

Campaign: Killed 7 enemies with a single mine.

El Visible

Operation Narco Road: Kill the final target

Brake a leg

Operation Narco Road: Complete a trial without using the brakes

Rebel leader

Fallen Ghosts: Complete a Final Rebel Op

Artisanal SAM

Fallen Ghosts: Destroy an enemy helicopter using an explosive bolt.

Thorough supporter

Fallen Ghosts: Complete every Rebel Op and Mission

Mal Rodilla-Ternera

Operation Narco Road: Complete an Electro™ challenge while freefalling

Nondescript jungle hero

Fallen Ghosts: Kill 10 Covert Ops Extranjeros using your knife


Operation Narco Road: Kill 50 enemies with any gang's vehicle

More Followers than Escobar

Operation Narco Road: Fill the Followers Gauge of all regions to 100%

Scenic Route

Narco Road: Go from Eddie's party villa to Arturo's bar in 8 minutes or less in a ground vehicle