Conarium achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Provide electricity to the base.

Bell Hop

Manage to run the Link Elevator.

Deep Dive

Get on the submarine.

Carved Catacombs

Reach the Connection halls.

Demons of the Past

Reach the Mansion for the second time.

Under the Sands

Reach the ruins under Rub'al Khali.

Almost There

Reach the final level.


Check all the wooden masks in the mansion.

Out of Body Experience

Experience the first ending.

What are you doing out there?

Walk out of opposite sides of the map outside the base.

Sharp as a Tack

Solve the symbol drawing puzzle at the first try.


Get all notebook drawings in the game.

Earthly Minds over Delicate Souls

Experience the second ending.

Grand Inquisitor

Examine all the notes and diagrams in the game.


Solve the radio room puzzle.


Check all the books in the base and the mansion.

Escape Artist

Don't get caught by the mummies in the Connection halls.

Nosy Parker

Examine all objects in the game.


Finish the game without dying.

Glutton for Punishment

Die in five different ways.

Private Investigator

Find all documents in the game.

Wireless Operator

Use the walkietalkie voluntarily, in every location that it is available.

Super Sleuth

Get all secrets in the game.

Paying Close Attention

Solve the puzzle on the cellar door without any clues.

Trophy Hunter

Get all trophy items in the game.


Finish the game with 100% progress.