Ancient Planet achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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First blood

Kill the first Hamalian!

First border

Build two machine gun towers


Build three factories

Advanced defense

Build an energy tower

Die, Aludrian!

Kill the first Aludrian!

Die Hamalians!

Kill 150 troopers

They will all die!

Kill 1,000 enemies

Aludrians shall not pass

Build 10 energy towers

Builder I

Build any 50 towers

Trash fighter

Raze the fallen missile to the ground

Kill Aludrians!

Send 150 Aludrian officers to their graves

You shall not pass!

Destroy the destroyer

Air superiority I

Kill 300 scouts

Second thousand

Send 2,000 enemies to their graves

Lucky man I

Collect 200 gold

Total destruction I

Eliminate any 10 objects on the map

Antidoctor I

Kill 100 doctors

Collector I

Collect 20,000 silver

Help I

Build a support tower

Total destruction II

Destroy any 50 objects on the map


Take out 100 destroyers


Kill 300 spiders

Builder II

Build any 500 towers


Build 80 factories

Total destruction

Destroy 10,000 enemies

Antidoctor II

Kill 500 doctors


Destroy 5 Aludrian mines

Lucky man II

Collect 1,000 gold

Dismantling I

Demolish a health obelisk

Phoenix murderer

Stop Phoenix

Help II

Build 20 support towers

Dismantling II

Demolish an armor obelisk

I don't like to be cured

Kill a reanimator

Collector II

Collect 50,000 silver

Total destruction III

Demolish any 200 objects on the map


Free Aludrians from 200 jellyfish

Reanimator killer

Save the planet from 20 reanimators

Incubator killer

Stop the incubator

Dismantling III

Demolish an attack obelisk

Clear skies I

Shoot down 10 storm troopers

Clear skies II

Shoot down 150 storm troopers


This honorary rank is given once 30,000 enemies are killed

Dismantling IV

Demolish a speed obelisk

Tank crasher

Blow up 100 tanks

Something goes wrong

Destroy the Emperor's pedestal

Goodbye, Emperor

Save the planet from the democracy lantern


Build 50 missile launchers