Armed with Wings: Rearmed achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Reach a Single Flag Post

Good Combo

Get a x10 Combo

Orb Collector

Collect 100 Orbs

Bonus Goal

Reach a Double Flag Post

Great Combo

Get a x25 Combo

Orb Hunter

Collect 500 Orbs

Special Goal

Reach a Triple Flag Post


Reach Wave 5 in Survival

Orb Master

Collect 1000 Orbs

Armed with Everything

Unlock all Equipment

Relic Collector

Collect all Relics

Great Survivalist

Reach Wave 10 in Survival

True Strength

Complete Level 40 without being Revived

Super Combo

Get a x50 Combo

Speed Demon

Complete the Story in 60 minutes or less

Rightful Ruler

Complete the Story with Vandheer Lorde

Super Survivalist

Reach Wave 20 in Survival

Resistance Is

Complete the Story on Futile


Complete the Story with the Katana

Peerless Warrior

Complete the Story on Hard