Human: Fall Flat achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 75 unknown)

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No escape

Fall and respawn once


Travel 1km

Leap of Fail

Complete "Mansion"


Climb 100m

Choo Choo!

Complete "Train"

Don't Get a Splinter!

Complete "Carry"

Improvised Ammo

Launch yourself with the catapult in "Castle"

What Goes Up

Complete "Mountain"


Jump 1000 times

Learn to swim

Drown 10 times

Brute Force

Complete "Demolition"

Surprise! (Avalanche!)

Unleash the boulder gate in "Demolition"

Heavy lifting

Carry objects for a total of 1000m

Sail away!

Use any of the boats to travel 1km

Storm the Gate!

Complete "Castle"


Travel 10km

Let it rain

Respawn 100 times

Feet First

Complete "Water" diving feet-first

The End?

Complete "Power Plant"

Breathing exercise

In "Water", get out of the water in 100ms to avoid drowning

The End

Complete "Aztec"


Use any of the ground vehicles to travel 1km

Delivery boy

Deliver 10 pieces of coal to the main island in "Power Plant"


Use the rope to go above the abyss in the level "Mountain"

It's Alive!

Complete "Dark"

Wrong direction

Use the window on your left instead of smashing the wall in "Demolition"

It's stuck

Jam a door and go through it in "Carry"

Row, row, row your boat

Use the row boat to get to the cargo ship in "Water"


Travel 25km

Under Pressure

Complete "Steam"

Silent hours (Noisy neighbours)

Get rid of the speaker set in "Mountain"


Break 4 walls without using any gadgets in "Demolition"



Don't get wet while surfing down the mountain in "Water"


Complete "Ice"

Electricity 101

Short-circuit the wires in "Power Plant"

Fry Me to the Moon

Hold on to the EXIT lid after you flick the switch in "Dark"

Mind the gap!

Take a big shortcut in the level "Mansion"

Bird's eye view

Climb to the top of the tree with the birds nest in “Aztec”


Light up the lighthouse in "Water"

Pigeon Simulator

Stand on the head of the statue in the intro


Steal the battery from the statue in "Power Plant"

Walk the Plank

Reach the big wheel in "Steam" without using the crane controls

No Ice Ice Baby

Complete the seesaw puzzle in "Ice" without using an ice cube

My treasure

Collect all gems into a pile in "Mountain"

Head First

Complete "Water" diving head-first

For whom the bell tolls

Ring the castle bell in "Castle"

Convertible ride

Ride 50m in a dumpster

Wrapped Up

Complete "Thermal"


Align a flipped bench with a wall


Zipline from the church tower in "Castle"

Public service

Place 5 pieces of debris in a dumpster

Reverse gear

Enter the dock with the ship backwards in "Water"

Get Dizzy

Ride 3 complete revolutions of the big wheel in "Steam"


Complete the game start-to-end in one run


Stack all 4 boxes in the level "Carry"

Candy Rush

Zip line down from the mountain in "Christmas" using a candy cane


Complete the slope jump in "Ice" with 2 snowboards strapped to your feet


Pass the pendulum obstacle course in 60 seconds in “Aztec”

Smooth moves

Parkour fluidly from the alley to the blacksmith in "Castle" without touching the ground.

The Foreman

Complete "Factory"

Taking the Piste

Bah, Humbug!

Shoot the Christmas angel off the tree top in "Christmas"

Will it fry?

Feed an appliance with power from 3 batteries in "Power Plant"


Walk on the rolling ball to bypass a puzzle in “Aztec”

Deck the Halls

Land in the snow fort in "Christmas" on a snowboard

Hook, Line and Jumper

Enter the compound in "Thermal" without passing through the main gate

Planks? No Thanks!

Complete "Dark" without moving any planks that are barring doors

Top the Hat

Stand atop the large snowman's hat in "Christmas"

Tick Tock

Climb the Clock Tower in 40 seconds in "Dark"

How to get Fired!

Throw one of each item in the final room into the fire in “Factory”

Pay Day

Complete "Thermal" while holding a gold bar


Attach all electrical cables in 35 seconds or less in "Thermal"

Radio Silence

Throw all four radios off the level in “Factory”

After Hours

Complete the first half of “Factory” without turning any lights on