Fate of the World achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Africa Reborn

Beat the Rise of Africa mission!

Step Forwards

Improved life expectancy by ten years throughout Africa.

Let it Glow

Plunge the world into Global Thermonuclear War by 2075!

Miner Distruption

Globally ban Coal

Peso Profits

Tobin Tax Latin America

Hello, world

Research Artificial Intelligence.

Full Tank

Beat the Fuel Crisis mission!

Markets Managed

Reach 2200 without a global financial crash

Out of Gas

Globally ban Gas.

Dinar Donation

Tobin Tax the Middle East


Drowned the Earth under four metres of sea rise.

Oil Be Waiting

Globally ban Oil

Catching Some Rays

Hooked up space solar power arrays by 2110.

Dirham Dealings

Tobin Tax Northern Africa

Rand Received

Tobin Tax Southern Africa

Bein' Green

Move all regions to have 'Green' outlooks.


Beat the Cornucopia mission!

Rupee Reward

Tobin Tax India

Is that a Cool Breeze?

Beat the 3 Degrees mission!

Green Deal

Won Earth Day with all regions at 'green' outlook. in your hands

Won with lowest HDI 0.85 and population 5 billion, or better.

Is there anybody out there?

Quashed Earth's population to fewer than 100 million.


Spammed the Earth with twelve billion people.


Beat the Denial mission!

The Doctor is in the House

Beat the Dr Apocalypse mission!

The Tax Man

Levied Tobin Tax in all twelve regions.

Material World

Move all regions to have 'Consumerist' outlooks.

Hand of You

Got warming down to zero degrees above pre-industrial.

New Place Like Home

Beat The Flood mission!


Win Dr Apocalypse with 6 degrees of warming.

Winning Combination

Complete 2nd Generation Fusion Power


Polished off all the landmark animal species.