Galacide achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Combo Breaker

Get a combo of 5

Space Truckin'

Beat Level 1. Unlocks the Freighter ship.

Big Plays

Get a clear of 10 or more, 10 times.


Destroy 3 enemies in a bomb's explosion

We've Got Hostiles

Get 500 kills in a level

Automotive Professional

Complete a Multi-match

Combo Master

Reach a combo of 15

Snake Charmer

Beat the snake boss on any difficulty

Taking Out the Trash

Get 750 bit clears in a level

Combo Legend

Reach a combo of 25

Set Phasers to Kill

Beat the boss and get to threat level 6 in Endless Play. Unlocks the Phase ship.

Fire Ze Missiles

Beat level 6. Unlocks the military ship.

Hat Trick

Kill 3 enemies in one phase ship charge shot.


Complete 10 multi-matches

1 Up

Get 500,000 points in Endless Play


Kill 10,000 Enemies.

Threat Level Midnight

Get to threat level 10 in Endless Play

War Rig

Store 3 bombs in the freighter's cargo.

The Final Frontier

Travel a total distance of 500,000 parsecs.

High Roller

Get 1 million points in Endless Play

Bit by Bit

Clear 25,000 Bits.

Scholar of the First Bit

Clear puzzle mode