Bloo Kid 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Triple Hit

Jump on 3 enemies in a row

Fivefold Hit

Jump on 5 enemies in a row

Falling Star

Get 25 stars in total

Shooting Star

Get 50 stars in total


Beat the World 1 Boss without taking damage

Easy Finish

Finish the game on "Easy" difficutly

Rising Star

Get 75 stars in total

Burning Star

Get 100 stars in total

Snake Charmer

Beat the World 2 Boss without taking damage

Normal Finish

Finish the game on "Normal" difficutly

Tenfold Hit

Jump on 10 enemies in a row

Mega Star

Get 125 stars in total


Beat the World 3 Boss without taking damage


Get 150 stars in total


Get 200 stars in total

I'm the Boss

Finish the Boss-Rush mode


Get 175 stars in total

Against the Clock

Beat the game in Time-Attack mode

Fish Food

Beat the World 4 Boss without taking damage

Head Stomper

Jump on 15 enemies in a row

Hard Finish

Finish the game on "Hard" difficutly

Sir Gawain

Beat the World 5 Boss without taking damage

Star Baby

Get 225 stars in total

Star Kid

Get 250 stars in total

Star Master

Get 300 stars in total

Nightmare Finish

Finish the game on "Nightmare" difficutly

Master of the Universe

Get all 360 stars