MatchyGotchy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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All-Dimensional Master Shipwright.

Level Matchy Star.

Rocket Surgeon Feels!

Survive all stages: smol egg, tiny baby, awkward teen, rocket surgeon.

Xanadu pool party invitation.

Build 10 ships and unlock Xanadu.

Sugar Rush.

Experience sugar rush 10 times.

Interstellar Shipment Manager.

Level Speedy Sputnik.

Mighty Booty Hunter.

Level Pirate Planet.

Quaint Alien Botanist.

Level Loony Lander.

Dauntless Elegant Diplomat.

Level Spacey Galaxy.


Clean up a total of 10 times.

Astrological Forecast Specialist.

Level Guru Moon.

Space Physician MD.

Level Doctor UFO.

Om Nom Noms.

Eat 100 burgers.


Fill up hearts 100 times.

Ships, And More Ships!

Build a total of 1000 ships.


Play games a total of 50 times.

Sicky Pooh.

Heal your stars a total of 10 times.

Oh Noes!

Let at least one star die.

Get ready for Matchy Star!

Complete the game! Get 100% explored on Xanadu.

Stargram Famous.

Take 300 selfies.


Have your star fall asleep 10 times.