Tabletop Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Follow the leader

Play a game with someone on your friend's list


Play the game for 1 hour without flipping the table.

Good Times

Play Tabletop Simulator for over 10 hours.

Did you do it?

Complete the in-game tutorial.

Be Social

You posted a message in global chat, hurray!

Attack of the Figurines!

Have two RPG figurines attack one another. They must hit!

Too weak

You tried to flip the table… and failed!

Complete Set

Play a game with a full room of 8 players.


Use your personal color page in the notebook.


Play Tabletop Simulator for over 50 hours.

Space Time Fun

Play a game in zero gravity.



Play Tabletop Simulator for over 100 hours.


Change your color more than 50 times.

A Spot of Tea?

Play a civilized game of Chess for 1 hour.

Rage Quit

Flip the table in an absolute fit of rage… 100 times.


Play Tabletop Simulator for over 200 hours.

Speed Machine

Complete the tutorial in under 30 seconds.

Treasure Trove

Save 100 items to your Chest.

Color me pretty

Tint 1000 objects a different color.

Money, Money, Money

Spawn 10,000 poker chips!

Don’t Touch!

Lock 5000 items over time.

Laser Light Show

Create an 8 player “light show” with the line drawing tool.


Play Tabletop Simulator for over 500 hours.

Sharing is Caring

Upload at least 3 legitimate Steam Workshop items.

Ultimate Rage

Flip the table over 1000 times.

True Champion

Play Tabletop Simulator for over 1000 hours.