Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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We've got a talented one here.

Achieved a Battle Rating of S in an episode.

I still don't know anything about our world.

Reached 10% Gallery completion.

Humankind is striking back!

Subjugated a Titan with Eren.

Finally... I can be useful.

Had an ally join.

It's humanity's turn now.

Developed a weapon.

I'm just glad it didn't turn out any worse...

Saved a friend.

Hmm... Not bad...

Performed 10 Complete Subjugations in a row during one battle.

This is our chance! Don't let it get away!

Activated a Decisive Battle Signal.

More... Kill more...

Subjugated a Titan with Titan Eren.

Huh? Help what?

Subjugated 10 Titans within 1 minute.

You'll never have to take care of me again!

Selected as a top-performing cadet.

We're always at an information disadvantage against the Titans.

Reached 25% Gallery completion.

Today, for the first time...humanity has won against the Titans.

Completed Chapter 1 of Attack Mode.

My specialty is tearing through flesh.

Damaged a total of 100 parts.

Got it all dirty. Damn it.

Subjugated a Titan with Levi.

This world has always been a living hell.

Experienced over 100 friendly unit deaths.

It's great you have something you could put your life on the line for...

Completed a total of 30 side-missions.

Hey, brats... What's the situation here?

Completed Chapter 2 of Attack Mode.

Avoid unfavorable battles.

Used items a total of 100 times.

Don't worry... Just keep training.

Engaged in omni-directional movement for 1 minute without landing.

That's why I picked you.

Allies damaged a total of 100 parts.

What else can we do? The world is a cruel place.

Completed Chapter 3 of Attack Mode.

Devote your heart!

Unlocked all characters.

I was able to control myself perfectly.

Fought to victory in 10 battles without taking any damage.

It's nothing like the other Titans.

Subjugated your first Dire Subjugation Target.

Just shut your mouths and invest everything in me!

Used more than 100,000 Corps Funds in total.

If you're gonna cry here, you might as well quit.

Reached 25% Survey Mission completion.

If you don't know about something, you just have to learn it.

Reached 50% Gallery completion.

This is a true salute!

Had over 100 allies join.

Fight! Fight! Fight!!!

Subjugated a total of 1,000 enemies.

Huh?! Are you God?

Completed 10 requests.

What do we do now?

Reached 50% Survey Mission completion.

Sorry, buddy, but I'm just a natural.

Reached maximum Soldier Skill with a character.

This is where my gamble begins.

Avoided 30 Titan attacks in Focus Time.

Well, you see... It's just seething with rage!

Performed 50 Complete Subjugations during one battle.

Humanity will feast upon the Titans!

Complete the Final Chapter of Attack Mode.

I swear to you... I will eradicate the Titans!!

Reached 100% Survey Mission completion.

You're all brave soldiers. You have my heartfelt respect.

Reached maximum Corps Skill.

It may be a small thing, but it will mean we've finally managed an attack on the Titans!

Achieved a Battle Rating of S in all Attack Mode episodes.

Don't be stupid. I've always been talkative.

Completed all requests.

If you don't fight, you can't win.

Subjugated all Dire Subjugation Targets in all Attack Mode episodes.

The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the Wall!

Reached 100% Gallery completion.

I'm gonna destroy them! Every last one that's on this earth!

Acquired all achievements.