Dungeon Rushers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Appetite for risk

Inspect 10 events


Craft 5 items

Appetite for risk II

Inspect 25 events

Becoming looter

Explore 10 dungeons with success

A real building

Finish the 5 floors of a manor


Craft 20 items

Gnashing of teeth

Defeat Melinda

Out for blood

Obtain a Vampire Dagger

Whipless explorer

Explore 25 dungeons with success

Appetite for risk III

Inspect 100 events

Budding businessman

Share a dungeon on the Workshop

Guild master

Craft 100 items

Place your bets!

Gamble 30 times in the shop

The rich toilet cleaner

Gather 10 000 gold

Always careful

Scout the map 50 times

I see... I see...

Detect 25 traps

Drink or drive, you have to choose!

Concoct 50 potions

Master of chests

Explore 100 dungeons with success

Gotta catch 'em all!

Unlock 10 characters

Everything has an end

Finish the campaign

Master of the arena

Win 20 matches in the arena

Follow the pink rabbit

Avoid 25 fights by using Bait


Get every character to level 10

To the top!

Reach the Platinum league rank

Heroism at his best

Finish every heroic dungeon